Barchester improves application efficiency following Assure APM health check

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Barchester Healthcare says that its business applications are running better and have less downtime thanks to a health check carried out by Assure APM.

Assure provides a suite of services, ranging from short-term screening through to ongoing IT support, designed to ensure an organisation’s IT environment is operating efficiently and effectively to save you time, frustration and unnecessary costs.

Barchester Healthcare, one of the biggest independent care providers in the UK, utilised Assure APM to identify an application issue.

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The group’s IT director Calum Macleod revealed: “We had Assure come in for a few weeks to look into an application issue we had been unable to get to the bottom of for some time. The application performed very slowly for certain tasks and queries and was particularly acute at busy times such as month end.

“The software vendor would not accept their software was under performing, pointing instead to the wide area network as the cause of underperformance. Using Assure’s technology we were able to pinpoint exactly where the problems lay within the application and this evidence was presented to the vendor.

“They have now accepted their software was inefficient and we are working closely with them towards a permanent solution. I am happy to recommend ‘Assure Troubleshooter’ to any organisation looking to find the root cause of an ongoing undiagnosed problem.”


A recent survey by IT consultant EMC found that  60% of UK businesses suffered downtime in 2015 costing around £10.5bn per year.

Assure APM has partnered with application performance management specialists, Riverbed, to enable 24/7 IT reporting.

The service measures actual performance against key performance indicators and business metrics with real-time statistics for ultra-quick problem identification. It also provides executive management with a clear overview of the performance of IT operations.

Assure services have already been used in organisations including Barchester Healthcare, Angus Council, ConocoPhillips and the Scottish Government.

Founder and CEO Doug More said: “Owners and consumers of business applications are faced with a number of challenges including downtime and poor performance of critical applications, inability to detect problems early and failure to locate and fix recurring performance problems. This frequently has a huge negative effect on the payback from investment in IT.

“Assure puts in place an automated service that ensures all baseline and optimisation criteria are maintained, enabling proactive action to be taken to prevent downtime and unnecessary costs.

“Users rely on applications to reach customers, automate processes and perform almost every other task critical to the business. As applications become more critical, they also become more complex and IT organisations are having to change the way they manage performance to be more proactive.

“Managing user performance requires a holistic view: monitoring applications, tracing transactions and monitoring components, managing infrastructure and network performance.

“Our partnership with Riverbed and Zycko means we have high-end technology that can detect and report on any inefficiencies in an IT environment, but our consultants with extensive experience in the industry set us apart by providing personalised and ongoing support.

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