Barchester Healthcare under fire over CEO’s £2.28m salary

Pete Calveley MASTER

Barchester Healthcare has come under fire after it was revealed that its CEO Dr Pete Calveley received a salary of £2.28m in 2020.

In its annual accounts for the year ended 31 December 2020, Barchester revealed Dr Calveley was given a more than £250,000 pay rise.

Former Care Minister Sir Noman Lamb told the Daily Mail “it beggars belief that Barchester can think it appropriate to give this scale of salary increase to their CEO, who is already paid an obscene amount”.

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The Daily Mail reported that Dr Calveley’s pay rise came as Barchester planned a significant raise to residents’ fees next year.

Barchester strongly contested the article and accused the Mail of painting a “misleading picture” and omitting key facts.

A Barchester spokesperson said: “Barchester focuses on offering the best quality care and employing the best teams to deliver that care. Dr Calveley has for the third time been voted Outstanding Leader by his peers, at the Health Investor Power Fifty awards, a testament to the respect in which he is held in the sector.

“The Care Quality Commission have in 2021 rated 84.9% of Barchester’s services as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, with nursing services rated some 5.7% higher than the CQC benchmark. This reflects our focus on providing the highest quality care for our residents with continuous year-on-year improvement in the regulators overall ratings of Barchester’s services over a period of 6.5 years since Pete has been CEO.”

Barchester said Dr Calveley had improved care quality during his time as the head of the business, more than doubling the amount of services rated ‘Good’ from 40% to 85.6%.

“This reflects the work of all of our staff and particularly our dedicated carers and nursing staff who alongside Pete and the exec team are completely focused on continuing to improve every home in every region for our residents, and who have worked relentlessly to protect our residents and patients throughout the pandemic,” Barchester said.

The care home provider highlighted it was currently an above national minimum wage and national living wage employer and had been awarded ‘Best Company’ accreditation for the last two years (being the only one of the large healthcare providers to have received such accreditation), in recognition of the regard that staff have for the business as an employer.

Barchester was also the 2020 winner of the RoSPA health and safety award for the entire healthcare sector, and was again commended in 2021, with Dr Calveley, winning the 2021 RoSPA ‘Influencer of the Year’ award for his work in safeguarding the safety of residents and staff through the pandemic.

Barchester said it had invested “significant amounts” back into its homes. Between 2015 and 2020 inclusive, the care home operator said it had invested £56m in capital expenditure on property and improvements of its services, in order to ensure that residents are living and staff are working in the best possible conditions.



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  1. Criminal and obscene. I was about to put my wife in The Grange for a week respite at £1450 for 7 days until I read this article. What is so strange. In the 1980 whilst working for an Irish bank I was underwriting dozens of start up Care and Nursing homes which the Irish board was so against as to them putting ones parents in a “home” they would not underwrite such cases passing all underwriting to the English base.
    And this company Barchester is owned by 3 Irish Billionaires.

  2. Absolutely disgusting that the elderly are being used as a commodity to make money and that the group also exploited tax payers in taking £12.6 million government grants out of the NHS

  3. Absolutely disgusting that the elderly are being used as a commodity to make money and that the group also exploited tax payers in taking 12.6 million government grants out of the NHS

  4. No one is paid a rediculous amount of money like that unless they are making a rediculous profit for
    their company.This makes sense of the extortionate fees they charge,the money is not all used for the
    wellbeing of their residents.IThey are first and foremost a business which unfortunately successive
    Government s have come to rely on ,it’s a sad and crazy world.

  5. I expect that Bar Chester will put their fees up as they know that they are not accountable and can virtually carry on however they please.The Government have no control over these private care companies.Sorry did I call them a care company,!

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