Balhousie boss slams investigation into Scotland’s care home deaths

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Balhousie Care Group chairman and founder, Tony Banks, has slammed an investigation of Scotland’s care home deaths during the coronavirus outbreak.

The care group leader told BBC Radio Scotland the decision by the head of Scotland’s Prosecution Service, the Lord Advocate, was “disgusting”.

Tony (pictured) said: “Why are deaths in hospitals not getting investigated, why are deaths in the community not getting investigated?

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“This is a measure that no other UK administration has taken.”

A specialist unit was set up by the Crown Office after the Scottish government approved an investigation last month.

The Balhousie chief said the move had been taken to deflect attention from the government’s mishandling of the crisis.

His criticism of the decision comes after he delivered a withering attack on the government’s response to the pandemic.

Police have investigated deaths at a number of care homes, including HC-One’s Home Park on the Isle of Skye, where 56 staff and residents have contracted COVID-19 and 10 residents have sadly died.

Responding to the Balhousie chief’s allegations that the government had been involved in the decision to investigate care homes, First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, told journalists yesterday: “That would be a matter for the Crown Office and it would be completely constitutionally inappropriate for me to try to direct or influence the Crown Office in the decisions it has made. The Lord Advocate set out to Parliament a couple of weeks ago, I think it was now, the decision around asking for all deaths in care homes and all deaths of  health and  care workers to be notified to the Crown Office. Any decision to go beyond that would be for law officers and the Crown Office to take.”


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