Awareness of antimicrobial properties of copper is five years behind in care


The primary care sector has been embracing the antimicrobial properties of copper for around five years, but the care industry is only now catching on to the metal’s benefit.

Angela Vessey, director of Antimicrobial Copper, a trade association that works with suppliers who use copper to make health and care products, was at Health+Care this week on a mission to educate the market.

“It is like going back five years to the days when we first started working to educate hospitals,” she told Care Home Professional. “They have embraced copper, but the care industry is just starting out,” she added.

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Antimicrobial Copper gave a presentation at Health+Care to a theatre of care professionals, and the organisation’s exhibition stand was swamped afterwards by people wanting to know more.

“Some of the people wanted to know about copper light switches for their homes, because it is a fashionable finish right now, but I hope that care homes are also going to understand its importance at reducing infection and contamination,” Ms Vessey said.

The stand has three suppliers showcasing their copper products: Regler Yorkshire is showing copper taps, Surge 29 is presenting a range of pull chains, while Varilight is generating considerable interest for its copper light switches and sockets.

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