Avery Healthcare worker jailed for wilfully neglecting 82-year old in the shower


Avery Healthcare says it fully supports the jailing of one of its care staff after he admitted a charge of wilful neglect of a resident,

Gary Walker, a carer at Avery’s Horse Fair Care Home in Rugely, Wolverhampton, has been sent to prison for 16 weeks after Cannock Magistrates Court head he threw a wet flannel at an 82-year-old man’s face and made him ‘writhe’ as he pressed it against him while in the shower.

Mr Walker also admitted turning off a pressure-sensing mat in the same resident’s room three times. It was used to alert staff if the man got out of bed because he was at risk of falling.

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The court passed down the 16-week sentence, along with an £80 surcharge, after Mr Walker plead guilty to one count of wilfully neglecting a person without capacity and two additional counts of wilfully neglecting an individual.

He had already been dismissed by Avery Healthcare Group.

Spokesman for the group, Mark Avery said: “Avery Healthcare fully supported the investigation from the outset having suspended this staff member immediately reports were made, has worked closely with all the authorities throughout, and supports the decisions of the court. Resident welfare is our utmost priority.”

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