Average price of a care home is £35,000 a year, latest data reveals

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People are paying an average of £35,000 in care home fees each year, according to the latest statistics.

Which? analysis of LaingBuisson’s Care Homes for Older People UK Market Report shows the average weekly cost of a residential care home for an older person in the UK rose by 3% to £672 in 2019-20 or £34,944 a year.

The average cost of a nursing home rose by 5% in 2019-20 to £937 a week, or £48,724 a year.

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The fees quoted are the average for the whole market with self-funders typically paying more than 30% on average more than those funded by a local authority.

Major regional differences in average fee rates were also shown in the data with average weekly fees ranging from £551 in Northern Ireland to £858 in Scotland, amounting to an annual difference of almost £16,000.

Nursing homes fees ranged from £735 a week in Northern Ireland to £937 in England with people in Scotland able to claim personal care and nursing care payments to contribute towards their cost of care.

In England, the average annual cost of care was £14,456 less in the north-west than in the south-east.

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