Autumna targets self-funders with 20-minute webinars


Autumna, the care provider directory and advice line, is set to run its first 20-minute webinar next week.

The ‘Beginner’s Guide to finding elderly care’ webinar will run on September 5 at 10.30am, and Autumna is inviting care managers to share the registration link on their social media networks.

“So many people call our advice line and say, ‘I don’t know what to do, I’ve never had to look for elderly care before,’ that we decided to do something proactive to address the lack of knowledge,” said Autumna founder, Debbie Harris.

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“The plan is to make this a very slick, 20-minute, upbeat presentation.” she continued: “We don’t want to bore people.”

Autumna will reward one lucky attendee with £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers in a free prize draw at the end of the presentation.

“We’re going to try to do our best to keep it light – it’s their weekend after all.”

Harris believes that by giving self-funding families better information about their options, then care providers will benefit too. One of the main problems Autumna hears from care providers concerns the amount of time they spend explaining the social care system to people they know they ultimately can’t help.

The ‘Beginner’s Guide’ talk will give top-line pointers as to what options these families have and where they should be looking.

“If, having properly assessed their needs and worked out what funding they have in place, self-funding families will then know which providers to look for and which ones are within their budget,” said Harris.

“People tend to put elderly care decisions off until they reach a crisis point and then all logic goes out of the window. But the better informed the public is, the more likely it will be that the enquiries care providers receive, will be from people whose needs they can meet.”

For more information: email  Telephone: 01892 335330

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