ASK THE EXPERT: How to choose a mural for your care home

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Michael Potter, Design Director at Care Home Murals, discusses how well-designed mural art can create exciting, vibran environments for the benefit of both residents and their carers.

Mural art is about understanding and imagining the vision of the customer, and then creating impactive imagery to realise that vision. This is key to what we do: all our designs are inspired by our customers and are configurable to suit the requirements of each individual installation.

At Care Home Murals we design and print mural wallpapers specifically for care homes. Particularly relevant to residents with dementia, our content-rich and colourful imagery is carefully crafted to produce murals that engage the viewer, encourage interaction, and help define themed areas within their home. This is our passion.

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Although murals have traditionally been painstakingly painted by hand, we use technology to print our murals onto wallpaper. This allows us to produce murals in days rather than months, for easy installation at a time to suit the customer. Equally important, our production methods also give our customers excellent opportunities to influence the design and content of their mural. This too is a key part of the service we offer.

We understand that the customer may already have a clear concept of the kind of mural and environment that is right for their home, but we are, of course, always on hand to offer advice and suggestions. Put simply, our aim is to realise the customer’s vision in the most practicable and affordable way possible.

To further aid the mural development process, we routinely provide detailed illustrations showing how the finished mural will look, which the customer can share with their team and with residents for valuable feedback as the mural is perfected. At this stage we may also discuss practical matters such as installation and fire certification for our products.

To work effectively, for the viewer to ‘connect’ with the theme or scene depicted, murals should have a credible ‘presence’. They need to look attractive from a distance and then excite with detail and content when viewed close up. My background as a mural artist ensures that all our designs meet these criteria, and are technically well designed with perspective, scale and colours all properly considered.

Choosing the ideal mural for your space is a straight-forward and rewarding task: browse the many examples on our website to inspire and fire your imagination and then just get in touch to discuss your ideas. Together we will make it happen. My greatest satisfaction is hearing from customers and carers how positively their residents have responded to the imagery we have created for them.

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