Apetito helps dysphagia sufferers cram in the calories from smaller meals

puree petite

Apetito has expanded its range of meals for people who have difficulty swallowing.

Its Purée Petite range has 21 meals that pack as much energy and nutrition as possible into a small meal, helping elderly care home relatives keep their energy levels up and minimising waste.

“Finishing a meal can be an everyday struggle for residents with swallowing difficulties. When they can’t manage a full meal, they won’t receive the protein and calories they need for continued health and wellbeing,” says Apetito.

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“That’s why our chefs, dietitian and registered nutritionist have spent three years developing Purée Petite: an innovative new range of smaller, texture-modified meals that still deliver the same high nutritional content as a standard-sized dish. Mealtimes become more manageable and your residents get all the goodness,” the company adds.

Apetito says Purée Petite meals are:

  • 40% smaller portions for more manageable mealtimes and reduced wastage
  • Each meal provides 500kcals and 15-20gs of protein
  • Compliant with the National Descriptor Guidelines for texture-modified diets
  • Created in line with the British Dietic Association Guidelines
  • Visually appealing meals that maintain their appearance after cooking
  • Available in 21 options to prevent menu fatigue

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