Alleged abuser continued to work at care home despite being reported, CQC says

Tall Trees

A staff member continued to work at a care home despite an incident being reported by a whistleblower, the CQC has said.

The findings came in an inspection report on Tall Trees care home in Chipping Norton. The report has been described as “factually inaccurate” by operator Caring Homes.

Following the inspection, which was prompted by a report of an incident of abuse, the CQC said the alleged abuser continued to work the remainder of their shift despite an incident being reported.

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The report said the alleged abuser worked on a further two occasions following the allegation being reported.

The CQC added: “In their abuse investigation report sent to the family of the victim the provider stated that the abuser was not working any more after the day of the incident and that the manager was unaware of the incident of the abuse until three days later. We found both statements were untrue.”

A spokesperson for the home said: “The health and wellbeing of our residents is our absolute priority. We are immensely disappointed by this report, which we do not believe provides a fair reflection of the care being provided at Tall Trees. Nevertheless, we would like to apologise to our relatives and residents for any concern or distress the report may have caused.

“We have raised our concerns with the CQC as there are many aspects of the report which we believe are factually inaccurate. We do not tolerate abuse and as soon as we were made aware of the allegation, we suspended the individual and terminated their employment after investigation.

“We put in place a detailed action plan in May to ensure we addressed the areas where improvements were needed. Measures taken include actioning a robust recruitment plan which has led to the recruitment of an Experienced Peripatetic Manager and a Quality Support Manager.

“The management and staff team at the home are being supported on a daily basis by our senior management team and we look forward to showcasing the positive progress that has already been made at our next inspection.”

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