Advanced helps care homes minimise disruption from false fire alarms

Alarm Calm Care Homes

Intelligent fire system specialist, Advanced, is helping care homes to address the challenge of false and unwanted fire alarms in their properties.

False alarms can be highly disruptive, and frightening to residents, which is why Advanced has released an expert’s guide that outlines how automatic fire systems can keep homes safe while minimising unwanted alarms.

The document outlines the features of Advanced’s AlarmCalm fire alarm management (FAM) and its key components, as well as providing an overview of the areas within care homes where different false alarm strategies may be required, based on risk, building design and resident needs.

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There is growing awareness of the role that care home staff can play in helping to reduce unwanted false alarms. Advanced’s intelligent, loop-powered alarm acknowledgement device, the AlarmCalm Button, can be used to manually verify if an alarm signal is false, for example from smoke as a result of cooking or heat in the kitchen.

By pressing the AlarmCalm Button, a staff member initiates a ‘second stage’ verification time, allowing the local sounder to be silenced.

If, after the second stage time the signal has cleared, the system will reset to normal conditions. If the signal in the detector is still present, a full fire condition will be signalled. During the second stage period, a fire condition is also indicated if the alarm is confirmed by another method such as sensitivity change or second detector. AlarmCalm Buttons can only extend verification time once (before a system reset). If a real fire ensues, a full fire condition will be signalled.

“Advanced believes AlarmCalm is the most easily installed and configured FAM system available. AlarmCalm Buttons are easy to install on the loop and recognised in the panel software on auto learn. They are compatible with a standard UK single-gang back box, can be flush or surface mounted and include a configurable LED, buzzer and slide-in label,” the company says.

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