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Luxury Derby care home Kiwi House has been the latest to introduce Person Centred Software’s (PCS) mobile care monitoring system.

The handheld device system enables carers to quickly update and evidence the care they deliver to residents.

“The new PCS system works by care teams documenting and uploading information about resident care as they deliver it, said Dave Lock, Adept Care Homes Managing Director.

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“One of the main advantages is that there is little room for error or for care information not being shared between the care team. The system, which is fully username and password protected, even tracks when information has been received and actioned.

“Improving the quality of life for our care team is as important to us as the care we provide our residents. This system means that our team can spend more time with residents, caring and interacting, rather than administrating.”

The App based system has been designed to provide care teams with everything they need to know about the residents that they care for and to easily evidence every interaction they have with them.

Every carer can see what other carers are doing during their shift. Flags are shown to indicate if important actions are overdue or about to be missed, which ensures that important care interventions are not missed.

To ensure that Kiwi House residents receive the care they need, planned care routines have been pre-programmed, with personal preferences logged for each care interaction for how residents like their care to be delivered.

The system also automatically learns the unplanned care that residents regularly receive; it displays when it is the resident’s birthday and has a diary for recording appointments to see health specialists, outings and visitors.

“Another key benefit to the technology is the Relative Gateway which provides real time access to information,” Dave said.

“We know that having a loved one living in a residential setting can be difficult for family members and this system enables us to keep everyone informed about the care residents receive.

“Whilst relatively new, the PCS system already has an excellent reputation with extremely positive feedback from both care teams and resident relatives. In fact, many care industry professionals believe that this is the future of care provision so it’s very exciting to introduce this innovating technology at Kiwi House.

“This is a significant investment and our intention is to roll out the use of PCS across all our care homes.”

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