ADASS calls for radical reform of social care following COVID-19 pandemic

James Bullion

A new ADASS report has called for radical reform of social care in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The new report says the pandemic has presents “an opportunity to do something fundamentally different” to “shape a better future” for social care.

The report, which sets out nine objectives for the sector, calls for a two-year funding settlement in 2020 to ensure the short-term sustainability and continuity of care in order to create the space for a national conversation to help shape a new person-centred approach.

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ADASS also urges the government to provide a new deal for those that work in social care, including a fair wage, training and career progression, and to properly transition to new models of care.

“This will then lay the foundation for the longer-term funding settlement that will be needed in 2022-23 for the next five-year period to embed the new approaches to care and support,” the report adds.

James Bullion, President of ADASS, (pictured) said: “Social care can transform our lives. We must move away from models of care that eke out every penny, short care visits, care homes that are too big to be homes, outdated forms of care that keep people alive but don’t give them a life.

“Those who have care and support needs, carers, social care staff, think tanks, politicians from all parties, journalists, local government, the NHS, the public all know this has to change. Ten years of reductions in funding has stymied the excellent intentions of good legislation and everyone working in social care.  Everyone knows that this needs to be sorted out.”

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