The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) has called on the government to invest £1bn over the next year in social care in order to cover a funding shortfall.

The call comes in ADASS’s submission to the Treasury for the government’s 2017-18 Budget.

ADASS said: “We are aware that others ask for more, but emergency assistance of £1bn, distributed on a needs based formula, to prevent further deterioration whilst working on longer term solution, would go some way towards stabilising the system.

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The body says £5.5bn will have been taken out of the social care budgets between 2010 and the end of the current financial year.

ADASS urges the government to make provision for the expected funding gap to 2020. It further calls on the government to address workforce recruitment and retention issues by affording staff the same recognition as GPs and other key professionals through raising pay levels and providing extra training.

ADASS asks the government to partner it in a national recruitment campaign and end uncertainty for non UK EU citizens working within the sector.

The body also calls on the government to address long term funding issues for the sector for 2020 and beyond.

ADASS said Local Government Finance Settlements over the past two years had been “inadequate”.

A poll of council directors found that 28% thought the Local Government Finance Settlement would have no effect with a further 70% saying the measures would have little effect.

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