Abusive nurse exposed by BBC is struck off



An abusive nurse who was exposed by the BBC has been struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Susan Bagnall worked at the Clinton House Care Home in St Austell, Cornwall, which was the subject of a BBC Panorama investigation into alleged care abuse in December 2016.

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The expose resulted in the closure of the home by owner Moreleigh Care Group (see Moreleigh Care Group sells up following Panorama scandal).

Mrs Bagnall was found to have used abusive language and having said she would give one resident morphine “to shut her up”.

The NMC said Mrs Bagnall’s conduct “fell far below the standards expected of a registered nurse” and she had used “highly inappropriate language” to colleagues and a patient on more than one occasion.

Mrs Bagnall told the NMC: “I am deeply sorry for the incident, and I can assure the panel that this was totally out of character. I have never abused anyone in my care.”

The NMC said Mrs Bagnall had deflected blame onto others and blamed the environment in which she was working for her failures. It imposed a striking off order along with an interim 18 month suspension order.


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  1. I have recently retired after being a nurse for 42 years. I worked in the private industry. I am so glad I left due to owners more concerned about profits than care.
    Unfortunately there is now a trend with carers having to take on extra work load and being resentful about lack of wages.
    There are a lot of good carers but also jealousy of qualified staff.
    Until attitudes change you will never get nurses.

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