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Family run care home operator Ablegrange has successfully trialled Person Centre Software’s (PCS) electronic care planning system.

The PCS App is deployed on individual iPods to enable staff to document care delivery and record changes in resident’s daily routines in a person centred way.

The software reduces time spent on paperwork and provides carers with the opportunity to spend more time with residents.

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An Ablegrange spokesperson said: “The Care App was launched with the aim of giving staff all the information they need at their fingertips to provide safe and person-centred care that is effective and responsive.

“Thanks to the real-time information recorded on the App, our carers can be safe in the knowledge that the best care possible is being delivered. We look forward to launching it officially in December.”

Useful features include alerts, which notify carers when time-sensitive care or medication should be delivered, as well as body maps, fluid charts and assessments, collating all information into a single, easy-to-use device that can be carried around. This means that the delivery of care is more effective and responsive to the changing needs of the residents.

“Our carers have the ability to log in and examine what’s happened before they come on shift, read through handover notes and communicate any information to the rest of the team and shift manager,” the spokesperson said.

The software also ensures vital information is readily available before and during staff handovers.

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