There has been a huge surge in the use of technology in the home during the pandemic. This award honours suppliers who have come up with innovative solutions that streamline business processes and improve client outcomes. Examples can include home care management software and assistive technology.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 shortlist includes the following names:


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The COVID-19 pandemic has put the onus on carers, with family and friends relying on the agency and carer to provide detailed and up-to-date information on their loved ones. CareLinelive has worked to accommodate these needs with new features to its cloud-based platform. Significant developments include enabling carers to easily record observations on their clients’ physical and mental welfare and extended the Care Circle portal to key stakeholders, such as community health professionals and emergency services, who are able to gain greater visibility on individual client needs. Along with the innovation provided with the recent feature updates, CareLineLive has ensured that its security standards are of the highest standard, and has also developed eLearning content that allows customers to learn how to utilise the software in their own time. CareLineLive has also continued to develop the content within its ‘Support Desk’ portal, an online user guide, to ensure it is simple and easy to navigate.


CarePlanner has defined the past year by building and maintaining relationships with its customers. It did this by establishing two clear business goals and corresponding strategies to achieve them: to embrace the future of interconnectivity and seize the opportunity to take a leading position on systems integration across social care, and provide an exemplary customer experience. Data sharing is also of utmost important to CarePlanner, which believes this will shape the nature of digital integration over the next 10 years. The company has therefore developed and implemented an API (Application Programming Interface) for the entire system, which enables customers to build machine interactions with their CarePlanner systems and leverage the value of their data. CarePlanner has also introduced free training and on-boarding for all customers this year, along with the assignment of a dedicated account manager to help users get the best out of the system.


Over the last 12 months, Lilli has started changing the model of technology-enabled care (TEC) from almost total reliance on alerts or alarms after an event has occurred, to a proactive, preventive approach based on analysis of a service-user’s behaviour. This grew from the realisation that TEC was flawed because it was so reactive, denying the home care sector access to advances in digital technology that enable people to retain a high degree of independence for longer. Lilli could see the value of its machine learning algorithm in the care sector and switched from reliance on hardware (a smart plug socket – the Kemuri Plug) to become a software business, using a range of third-party sensors to track and monitor service-users. The algorithm identifies any changes in a person’s distinct pattern of behaviour that might indicate the earliest stages of a new healthcare problem or deterioration. It generates insights for care teams and families to act on if necessary, so they can request medical interventions before treatment needs become acute and complex. Lilli also has made strides towards becoming almost completely device-agnostic, with future plans to integrate with consumer wearables such as Fitbits and Apple Watches, to make itself more accessible, expanding the range of behavioural patterns it logs and monitors.


Over the last 12 months, new venture NDGAI has been developing an AI tools that can process hundreds of thousands of weekly care rostering within minutes, optimising the outcome based on a flexible and user-configurable set of objectives, such as maximising profit, or balancing profit with continuity and reduced travel. NDGAI has also improved the business through the creation of procedures and policies that guide decisions to maximise and influence the best possible outcome, but having those procedures and policies operate in cohesion with the workforce, rather than working against them. While the company is pre-launch, NDGAI has engaged with a small batch of end-users to create a focus group on what they would like to see from the platform in the future. It has started a beta testing group and has radically changed its product roadmap to ensure the full satisfaction of end-users. The company has also used its time to recognise the pressure placed on the home care workforce and launched the Glad to Care campaign to reward carers who have gone the extra mile with an Amazon voucher.

Unique IQ

Over the last 12 months, Unique IQ has been working on the next generation of its technology – IQ:caremanager. The company says this will be the only care management software on the market that has all the business functions a care provider needs in one box – scheduling, rostering, HR, finance, care planning, care monitoring and reporting – and it will also plug into hundreds of other systems, such as Quickbooks, making care businesses more efficient, connected and empowered. Users can sign-in to one browser window and do everything they need, from anywhere, so if a carer calls in sick on Sunday morning, they can deal with it right away and rearrange cover so someone vulnerable doesn’t miss out on essential care. The software will also have intelligent workflows, so if someone falls in their home, staff can be alerted immediately via text. And data will be discoverable. A layer of AI will comb through the mountains of data our software captures, and surface meaningful insights, without anyone having to go looking for them. It could even look at weather data and highlight which carers are likely to be affected on their round that day – notifying the carer that they might need to leave extra time for their journeys.

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