Mark Greaves

Mark joined Anchor in 2015 as part of the acquisition of Ideal Carehomes, where he built the business as managing director.

Since becoming care services director, he has made an enormous impact on Anchor’s 120 care homes. In the past year he has ensured high levels of compliance, innovative approaches to activities and an unflinching focus on residents’ needs.

During his three decades’ in social care, Mark worked a Director of Adult Social Services at Kirklees Council where he worked in regulation with the former SSI/Audit Commission’s Joint Review Team, international development in Romania funded by DfID and contributed to national policy through ADASS. He is a Care England Board member and holds an MBA based on the management of residential care for older people.

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Mark has helped shape Anchor’s innovative care model for people with dementia, Anchor Inspires, based on research from around the globe and best practice. This and other innovations, such as introducing ‘Tovertafel’ interactive technology into nine care homes, has helped drive strong customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Today, Anchor has 97 Good care homes and four Outstanding care homes. Anchor’s score in the independent Your Care Rating residents’ survey is above-average and at its highest ever level, contributing to a 2017/18 operating surplus before exceptional costs and amortisation of goodwill of £1.2m. Mark played a crucial role in the development of new models of care and housing, helping shape Anchor’s Bishopstoke Park and Hampshire Lakes retirement villages.

Thanks to Mark’s strong leadership, half a century after the organisation began, Anchor is providing better care services to older people than ever.

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  1. Why are the Anchor care homes still allowing ANY visitors??! As much as I’d love to see my mother, i understand that the only way to keep the residents and carers as safe as is possible right now is to stop all visitors. Why the delay?
    Please tell me you’re going to stop all visitors ASAP? The Anchor care home my mother is at currently allows up to two visitors per visit for half an hour in their individual rooms. With 64 rooms, this potentially means 128 people can walk in and out of the home. I don’t understand why this is still happening and am hugely concerned that it won’t be stopped until someone actually becomes infected.
    Please tell me you’re now going to follow the lead of other care homes and close your doors for all except emergency medical care?

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