Sophia Feurtado

Sophia has transformed the lives of those Exemplar provide care for in her role as service user engagement manager in the short time she has been in the role.

As well as demonstrating the significance of maximising service user independence and choice, Sophia has made a huge contribution to the way the Exemplar group views engagement, developing innovations to ensure residents have real decision-making power at Board level.

Innovations of Sophia’s include the introduction of a Service User Council, which gives Exemplar service users a direct, decision-making ability across the group; an overhaul of service user engagement, visiting individual homes and driving the importance of engagement across all conditions; as well as welcome schemes, led by current residents, for new service users.

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In March this year, Sophia was recognised at both a regional and national level at the Great British Care Awards – winning the Yorkshire and Humber and National Dignity in Care Awards for her fantastic work. When speaking of her award wins, Sophia reiterated the need to treat people as individuals at every step of the way and spoke of how it shows the importance of dignity and why Exemplar needs to keep striving for more.

Andy Frankel-Caine, Head of Service Development and Engagement, commented: “Sophia has a genuine passion for people regardless of age, disability, gender, colour or any other personal characteristic. She merely wishes for people’s basic human rights to be upheld in a respectful and dignified manner, treating everyone as a unique individual, promoting personal choice, independence, well-being and ultimately an improved quality of life.  Sophia makes time to listen. She is a highly effective communicator and treats people as unique individuals.”

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  1. I am a service user at scotia heights, sophia has changed my life, I am now an ambassador at scotia heights and Sophia has worked so hard with me doing my blog, improving the notice boards around the home, making a film for exemplar for marketing and training purposes etc, we have also now nearly finished a new service user guide for scotia heights, I really enjoy working with Sophia and doing my ambassador work, she is always happy and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for changing my life Sophia.

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