2016 LEADERS IN CARE LEADERS OF THE FUTURE:  Sophie Murray, head of nutrition and hydration, Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare

Sophie Murray – Head of Nutrition and Hydration

Blazing a trail Sophie Murray became the UK care sector’s first ever dedicated head of nutrition and hydration when she joined Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell in November 2014.

Having previously won the NACC National Hydration Award in 2013, Sophie is a key part of the dining team which currently holds the accolade of Healthcare Caterer of the Year.

During the past year, Sophie has helped Sunrise and Gracewell obtain accreditation from the Royal College of Nurses for a clinical governance programme around nutrition. She has supported global training modules through ACCTV, as well as NHS pilot schemes throughout the UK.

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Sophie’s role is to help provide a link between chefs and care teams which supports high quality, tailored catering for residents. This includes special diets such as fortified and texture-modified foods. She has introduced training material to the group and worked with the team to promote quality nutritious ingredients, develop new innovations, and pilot studies to constantly improve provision across the whole sector.

In particular, Sunrise and Gracewell have excelled at providing nutritional services for residents living with dementia. Innovations in this area include smaller, more intimate dining, with care staff joining as a social prompt. They offer private dining for any resident, but also special reminiscence dining rooms within the communities, which are tailored specifically for residents living with dementia. She remains an absolute authority in this critical area of senior care and a huge asset to Sunrise and Gracewell.

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