2016 LEADERS IN CARE INNOVATORS IN CARE: Jonathan Papworth, co-director, Person Centred Software

Jonathan Papworth

The most recommend mobile care product in the UK today is the brainchild of IT expert Jonathan Papworth.

Jonathan created Person Centred Software, a mobile application that cuts down on paperwork and gives carers more time to look after residents while saving money.

“Person Centred Software was created to bring together my wealth of knowledge of technology and the care industry in order to provide innovative solutions to the demands of this sector,” Jonathan said.

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After having created an administration and income management system for care homes in early 90s, Jonathan saw an opportunity a decade later to create a business focused purely on the care sector and Person Centred Software was born.

Jonathan used his immense experience of running and managing businesses of all sizes to establish his business as leading player in the care sector.

The company developed the Mobile Care Monitoring System, which allows carers to record the care they deliver which can be monitored by their managers.

The Person Centred Software recipe for success appears to be working with six of its care home users out of a total just over 100 achieving an Outstanding rating. At a success rate of 5%, this is well above the industry average rate of just 0.5%.

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