2016 LEADERS IN CARE: Estate management and build in association with NHG Nursing Hygiene Group

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Leaders taking charge of everything from land acquisition to planning, development, construction, design and myriad other elements that are needed to steer successful projects from brown fields sites to ribbon cutting.

View this year’s Care Home Professional Estate management category below:

Steve Day, Wynbrook

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David Brill, Stepnell

Sue Earrey, Hallmark Care Homes

Matt Lowe, LNT Group

Phil Andrews, Castleoak


Nursing Hygiene Group

We’ve been building relationships with, and learning from, the care sector for over 25 years. We listen to you, and ensure that we’re always in tune with your requirements. And we’re committed to delivering the small things that make a big difference to you. In fact, NHG is the only healthcare supply company to offer consumables, care equipment and care environment consultancy from a single source. 

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