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Family backs campaign for Minister for Older People following mother’s death

Family backs campaign for Minister for Older People following mother’s death

A family has backed a campaign for the creation of a Minister for Older People after their mother died after a fall from a chair in a care home.

Former Attorney General backs campaign for CCTV in every care home

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve has backed a campaign to install CCTV in every care home.

Negative media coverage damaging care sector, poll finds

Damaging media stories are knocking the public’s confidence in the elderly care sector, according to new research.

Care Protect calls on insurers to slash premiums for homes with CCTV

Care Protect is calling on insurers to slash premiums for care homes with CCTV systems.

EXCLUSIVE: Campaigner calls for CCTV in care home communal areas

CCTV campaigner Jayne Connery believes she is winning her battle to make cameras mandatory in the communal areas of care homes.

Proposal to install CCTV in all care homes fails to secure debate in Parliament

Petition calling for debate falls short of 100,000 signatures required to trigger time in House of Commons.

Health+Care Exhibitor Preview: Care Protect monitored CCTV

BBC Panorama producer reveals his views about hidden cameras in care homes

Joe Plomin says the use of hidden cameras should be a last resort for relatives.

ASK THE EXPERT: Care Protect tackles the complexity of monitoring CCTV

Expert monitoring is critical to make CCTV effective in care homes.

BOOK EXCERPT: Hidden Cameras expert guide by BBC Producer Joe Plomin

Mr Plomin shares stories of the behaviour he witnessed and filmed working undercover in UK care homes.