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Catering company launches e-commerce website

Catering company launches e-commerce website

Leading supplier of premium disposable catering display equipment, Remmerco, has announced the launch of a new website following its acquisition by Dalebrook Supplies.

EXCLUSIVE: Spectacular results for fluid intake project

A Yorkare Homes hydration project has achieved spectacular results with a two-thirds drop in falls and significant improvements in residents’ fluid intake and mood.
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Online hub addresses gap in dysphagia training

A new online training and support tool to help care for people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) has been launched by Nestlé Health Science.

Bidfood tips on cutting salt

Samantha Elliott, nutritionist at Bidfood, offers her advice on how care home caterers can keep salt levels down, whilst maintaining taste.
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Here, an elderly woman was in the process of preparing a fresh fish on her clean kitchen counter.  Having scaled and gutted the fish, while carefully using a large knife, the woman was about to remove its head.  Exposure to contaminants may be reduced depending upon how one cleans the fish. It is quite important to check public health-related websites including the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, ATSDR, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, as well as those agencies in your immediate area for advisories indicating whether or not eating specific kinds of fish, and marine life is safe. 

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Soil Association receives £1.25m to improve food for older people

The Soil Association’s Food for Life programme has received a £1.25m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to launch a pioneering project using good food to reduce isolation and improve the nutrition and wellbeing of older people.

Apetito steps up fight against care home malnutrition

apetito, the UK’s leading creator and supplier of meals for the health and social care sector, has launched a new product range, Mini Meals Extra.

Care dining experience a ‘real eye opener’

Care home teams have learnt how their residents experience meal times during an event hosted by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS).

Nestlé dysphagia film provides carer guidance

Nestlé Health Science dysphagia chef Gary Brailsford provides guidance on caring for people with dysphagia in a new online film.
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Compass Group launches dementia blue plates

Medirest, Compass Group’s healthcare division, has launched blue plates and specialised finger food options for people living with dementia.

Serviceline offers kitchen design and maintenance guidance

Kitchen maintenance provider Serviceline provides some helpful tips on kitchen design and maintenance for care homes.