LaingBuisson: Opportunities and challenges ahead for care sector

John Goodey, Welltower

The opportunities and challenges facing the care sector have been identified by leading stakeholders during a conference in London.

Brexit, staff recruitment, the National Living Wage and increasing quality expectations were among the issues highlighted by a panel discussion during LaingBuisson’s Investing in Healthcare event.

William Laing, director of healthcare research company LaingBuisson, highlighted underlying demand for care as a major opportunity for care providers.

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John Goodey, senior vice-president of real estate investment trust  Welltower (pictured), added that ageing care home infrastructure provided opportunities particularly at the private end of the sector.

John also highlighted the potential to create a better trained workforce as a major potential plus for the sector.

He added that consolidation and Brexit could be beneficial, with the latter seen as a positive in the event of a dip in the housing market which would ease competition for land purchases.

Brexit was also identified as a potential challenge in the event of its possible impact on workforce access.

Panel members also identified an expected clawback in NHS funded nursing care, the National Living Wage and staff recruitment and retention as further threats.

John said the “increasing expectation of quality from our regulator” was a further major  challenge, while recognising rising quality standards were a good thing.



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