Care UK partners with Worcester University on dementia

Andrew Knight

Care UK is investing in its future dementia care through a partnership with University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies.

Under an initial 18-month contract, the university will support Care UK in building consistency, cohesion and continuous improvement in dementia care across its 114 homes.

Care UK Managing Director Andrew Knight said: “We’re already known for our resourceful, compassionate and innovative approach to caring for people with dementia but we are always striving to be even better.

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“Linking to an academic partner will help us to use the very latest in dementia research to ensure we are at the cutting edge of residential dementia care over the next decade.”

Care UK has earmarked over half a million pounds to further improve its dementia care. The majority of this money will be spent on one of the most comprehensive programmes of training and awareness building that the organisation has embarked upon.

The programme will include: workshops for Care UK’s executive team on how to drive a dementia-friendly culture; three day courses in leading a team towards excellence in dementia care for all home managers; the appointment and coaching of dementia champions for every home; dementia awareness training for every care home employee; and an ambition for every single person in the organisation to be registered as a dementia friend – including support staff such as accountants and HR specialists.



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