Busy nursing home seizes digital opportunity

The reality at many UK care homes is that less time is spent on care, as an increased workload and paperwork take up time for real care work.

That experience was shared by the staff at Orton Manor Nursing Home outside Birmingham until a Sekoia digital tool freed up their time and helped create a calm and efficient environment.

Director Shahzada Ahmed lets us in on his thoughts on going paperless: “I wanted something that would integrate the different platforms into something that would be much more user-friendly, so that my carers were using technology able to deliver a much higher standard of care, to give more care and to free their time up.”

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With a digital care planning and care delivery solution, the nursing home can revert time spent in hallways and care stations in the home to actual care work, improving overall staff and resident satisfaction.

The Sekoia solution consists of touch screens with customised apps that provide access to all the information needed when in the care situation. The result is enhanced care and fewer mistakes.

“I have seen measureable returns on investment,” Shahzada said.

“Residents and their families have noticed that much greater time is available for direct contact with carers and service-users.”

The solution provides an overview of jobs to-do and improves day-to-day management of the care home. Recording health data, sharing information and reporting observations, all happens with the touch of a button.

More than 30 different apps are put together according to care home requirements, to ease the workflow and ensure proper person-centred care.

Visit www.sekoia-care.co.uk to learn more about digital care planning.




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