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STATE OF CARE: Criminal prosecutions hit record levels as CQC flexes enforcement powers

STATE OF CARE: Criminal prosecutions hit record levels as CQC flexes enforcement powers

Criminal prosecutions of adult social care service providers hit record levels in 2017/18 as the CQC flexed the full range of its enforcement powers.

Carer ate lunch next to dying resident due to staff shortages

Staff were so overstretched at a Bristol care home that a carer had to eat lunch next to a dying resident, the CQC has revealed.

Care home manager who stole over £90k from a resident is struck off

The NMC said the actions of Carleen Wilkins ‘breached fundamental tenets of the nursing profession’ after she was jailed for 31 months in October

Care home handyman causes £3k worth of damage to staff car after new manager is announced

Blair Thomson was heard shouting within earshot of residents at Storyville in Kirriemuir, before smashing the windows of a grey Suzuki in a dispute with management

Man sectioned after breaking into Somerset Care home

A man has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after breaking into a Somerset Care home on the Isle of Wight.

Care home owner who defrauded £4m from victims sentenced to 21 years

A care home owner who defrauded £4m from his victims has been sentenced to 21 years.

Staff receive death threats in wake of abuse investigation

Runwood Homes says staff at its Dunmurry Manor care home in Northern Ireland have suffered a vigilante campaign of threats and abuse following the publication of an investigation into abuse allegations.

Part of police probe home to close due to staffing problems

Sussex Health Care (SHC) has announced the closure of the unit of a service undergoing a police investigation.

Police investigate Newcastle care home abuse claims

Police are investigating claims that staff abused residents at a care home in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Delayed report details ‘systematic failings’ at former Bupa care home

A safeguarding report into a former Bupa care home where three workers were jailed for abusing residents has been published followed a two-year delay.